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You won’t need to worry about putting on hand sanitiser frequently during the day with our sanitiser as you apply just once a day and it lasts for 24 hours – even after handwashing! Unlike other alcohol-based gel sanitisers which only last for just 30-40 seconds and offer no further defence from contamination once dry, our hand sanitiser, powered by Bio Armour 24, provides all-day protection with just one application!

Each 50ml bottle has a pump dispenser and contains 150 applications.

For orders over 500 units please contact us at 01202 081142.

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Provide your staff members with their own bottles of our powerful hand sanitiser that offers them 24-hour protection, even after washing, and kills 99.99% of germs, including Covid-19.

The special, water-based formula contains no alcohol, means it won’t dry out your skin and is gentle on sensitive skin. The formula is super effective against killing germs and bacteria and is a fantastic defence against coronavirus and a number of other illnesses and diseases, such as colds, flu and norovirus.

Within seconds, the innovative formula is dry and is then mono-molecularly bonded to your skin so that even when you wash your hands or have a shower, it will carry on working and provide you with effective, long-lasting protection.

Protect yourself & your workforce

  • Kills 99.99% of germs, including Covid-19, colds, flu and norovirus
  • Up to 24-hour protection – even after handwashing
  • Alcohol-free, waterproof solution – doesn’t dry out hands
  • Fast drying action
  • Handy sized bottle for when on the go
  • 50ml bottle with pump dispenser
  • 150+ applications per bottle
  • Minimum order quantity – 10 units

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